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Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is an awesome functional workout that trains upper body, core, and legs.

Setup Anywhere

The world is your gym: setup in under a minute inside or outside using any support structure.

Simply Beautiful

Designed as a conversation piece that looks as good as it functions, not to be stuffed in a gym bag.

Start Your Adventure

Our programming provides a new way to train—we focus on more than just sets and reps.

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“At only about a pound, they offer a lightweight solution for nearly limitless wilderness training.”

“Because the Monkii Bars can be used and stored almost anywhere, you’ll have no more excuses for not working out.”

“We’re on a constant patrol for cutting-edge products, and we subsequently put those products through the ringer. From there, we whittle down the best of the best.”

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What our customers are saying:

Jonathan Geurts

Jonathan Geurts

I keep my Monkii Bars on hand at all times. As a runner, I have had issues with shoulder soreness due to a lack of supporting muscle, but after a month of taking these on the trail, to the park, and on work travel, I can feel that little extra muscle supporting my joints and improving my speed.

Damon Jeffries

Damon Jeffries

The incredible stabilization required to perform exercises on the bars means that my core and accessory muscles get rocked. Plus it has done wonders for my mental health and stress relief being able to do all of my exercises in the great outdoors. Finding new places to set them up is half the fun!

John Patrick Riley

John Patrick Riley

Needed something to shake up cross training for an old guy who does not like chrome gyms and machines. This simple and well made product allows a wide variety of body weight exercises in natural settings (I live in Western Oregon).

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